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First Samuel is Sam McDaniel, Abby Soliday, Laurie McDaniel, and Jason Morris. Sam McDaniel, Abby Soliday, and Laurie McDaniel make up the light and tight vocals, with Jason Morris bringing in all the piano delicacies and keyboard effects.

The group became officially what it is now when Jason Morris joined them in 2006. At that point in time First Samuel, who previously had used soundtracks from other groups, began writing and creating their own music. After a series of concerts, it became apparent that fans wouldn’t be content without a CD and the group began focusing on their first recording, Chasing Jesus, which was released on May 1, 2008.

The name “First Samuel” was taken because of the scripture in the book of the Bible with the same name, First Samuel 3:10, “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.” All members of the group feel that their deepest desire is to be obedient to Christ and that begins by listening to Him.

Sam McDaniel is the lead vocal, 25 years old, loves being with his wife Kim and son, Gabriel.
He also likes to work on old trucks, treasure hunt and invent things.

Abby Soliday is a vocal, 28 years old, and enjoys her family: husband, Josh and daughter, Olivia. She is an avid reader, and loves jazz and 40's Big Band/Swing music. She was five when she first started singing.

Laurie McDaniel is a vocal, 48 years old, wife to Terry McDaniel, and loves motorcycling and gardening. She has an incredible spirit, and has been deeply involved in ministry since the age of sixteen.

Jason Morris, the pianist, is 25 years old, and intensely involved in furthering his education since his time served in Iraq. He enjoys being active, including running and basketball, and loves hanging out with family and friends.


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